Statistics with Stata

Stata is a powerful statistical and data management software package. For more details, go to: The distributor in Australia is Survey Design and Analysis, based in the ACT:

Listed below are a number of Stata programs (ado files) and related materials which are freely available for download. These programs are also available from the SSC archives in Boston, and downloadable within Stata using the ssc command (type "help ssc" inside Stata for more information). In addition, this site has some other materials not available from the SSC archives: some JEdit code and some materials for the -tabout- program, including a tutorial. There is also an article which illustrates how to do basic programming with matrices.

tabout : is a Stata user command to export publication quality cross-tabulations to a text file or to other applications, such as Word and Excel.

tabout version 3 is now available in beta. Version 3 is a major update to version 2 and was released in December 2016. Version 3 enhancements include:

tabout version 3 has a dedicated website: where you can download the program and a comprehensive user guide.

tabout version 2 is still the "official" release, available from the SSC Archives or from this site (below). This is version (2.0.8), and requires Stata 9.2

tabstatout: command to export -tabstat- results to a tab-delimited text file (as discussed in the Tabout Tutorial)

figout: ancillary command to facilitate the creation of Stata graphs from tabout tables. Requires Stata 8.2

decomp: command to compute Blinder-Oaxaca wage decompositions

latab: command to export -tabulate- results in LaTeX format (now superseded by -tabout-)

latabstat: command to export -tabstat- results in LaTeX format (partly superseded by -tabout-)

Stata JEdit integration: code for a JEdit macro to copy and paste selected text to a file ( which can then be run inside Stata

Article on programming with matrices: [download]