Full list of publications and reports

The following is a chronological list of my scholarly and contract research. Those publications available for download are shown with links. Most other publications are available in libraries. (Please note that many of the contract research reports commissioned by clients are not public documents and are not available at all.)


Watson, I. and Stanford, J. (2018), Restoring Security and Respect: Rebuilding NSW's Workers Compensation System, April 2018. The Australia Institute, Centre for Future Work.[download]

Watson, I. (2018), Life Course Research Using Sequence Analysis: Insights into the Youth Labour Market, Social Policy Research Centre Seminar, UNSW, 13 March 2018.[download]

Watson, I. and Alcorso, C. (2018), National Disability Workforce Report, National Disability Services, February 2018.[download]


Watson, I. (2017), Family Friendly Working Arrangements: Labour market and workplace trends. A background report for the ACTU submission to the Fair Work Commission four yearly review of modern awards, May 2017. [download]

Watson, I. (2017) "Are the PUPs Pauline's Progeny? Populism and political alienation among Australian voters", in Bridget Griffen-Foley and Sean Scalmer (eds) Public Opinion, Political Oratory and Media Audiences: New Perspectives on Australian Politics, Melbourne University Press. full (pre-publication) version. Online Appendix for published version of chapter here.


Watson, I. (2016) "Publication quality tables in Stata: User Guide for tabout Version 3", December 2016. [download]

Watson, I. (2016) "Employment at WSA: A Labour Market Appraisal of the Proposed Western Sydney Airport", October 2016 (minor revisions, July 2017). [download]

Watson, I. (2016) "Publication-quality tables in Stata using tabout", Presentation to 2016 Oceania Stata Users Group meeting, Sydney, Australia, September 29-30, The University of Sydney. [download]. View all: proceedings.

Watson, I. (2016) "Wage inequality and neoliberalism: the Australian experience", Journal of Industrial Relations Vol.58(1) February. Download full (pre-publication) version with tables, graphs, notes etc included in the article.

Download just the online appendix (ie. tables, graphs, notes etc) to accompany the JIR published version.

Note: Published version available to subscribers at JIR SAGE website: article and online appendix.


Watson, I. (2015) A Disappearing World: Studies in Class, Gender & Memory, Australian Scholarly Publishing, Melbourne (ISBN: 9781925003758) [more info] and [publisher's page]. Chapter 9 "Building Communities" [download].

Watson, I. (2015) Employee Earnings in the National Retail Industry, A Report for the Shop Distributive and Allied Employee's Association (SDA), 30 April 2015. Submission to Fair Work Commission, 4 Yearly Review, Penalty Rates Case [download]


Watson, I. (2014) "Are the PUPs Pauline's Progeny? Populism and political alienation among Australian voters", Paper given at the Murray Goot Festschrift, Macquarie University, Sydney, 2 December 2014 [download]

Watson, I. (2014) Mature age employment in NSW: A regional analysis, Report for the Office for Ageing, NSW Dept of Family and Community Services, August 2014.

Watson, I. (2014) "Wage inequality and neoliberalism: insights from quantile regression", SPRC Seminar, UNSW, 8 April 2104 [download]

Dobbie, M., MacMillen, C. and Watson, I. (2014) "The returns to general experience, job and occupational tenure: a study using Australian panel data", Applied Economics Vol. 46, No. 18, pp.2096-2107.


Watson, I. (2013) "Bridges or traps? Casualisation and labour market transitions in Australia", Journal of Industrial Relations Vol. 55, No. 1, pp.6-37. February 2013 [download pre-publication version]


Goot, M. and Watson, I. (2012) "WorkChoices: An electoral issue and its social, political and attitudinal cleavages" in Juliet Pietsch and Haydn Aarons (eds) Australia: Identity, Fear and Governance in the 21st Century, ANU E Press, The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia [download]

Watson, I (2012) "A world built on precarious foundation" Review of Guy Standing, "The Precariat: The New Dangerous Class" for Inside Story, 2 April 2012. [download]

Watson, I. (2012) Qualitative analysis of career paths of women in the trades, 2001 to 2010, Report for Office for Women's Policy, NSW Dept of Family and Community Services, September 2012. [download]

Watson, I. (2012) Gender segregation in the trades: Insights from Census data, Report for Office for Women's Policy, NSW Dept of Family and Community Services, May 2012. [download]


Watson, I. (2011) "Bridges, traps & half-way houses: Casualisation and labour market transitions in Australia", Conference Paper for CofFEE Conference, University of Newcastle, December 7-8, 2011. Corrections August 2012.[download]

Goot, M. and Watson, I. (2011) "Population, immigration and asylum seekers: patterns in Australian public opinion", Parliamentary Library, May 2011. [download]

Watson, I. (2011) Education, earnings and the labour market, Report for Skills Australia, May 2011.[download]

Watson, I. (2011) Does changing your job leave you better off? A study of labour mobility in Australia, 2002 to 2008,NCVER Occasional Paper, April 2011.[download]

Watson, I. (2011) Modelling of future skills demand: the implications for skills planning in NSW, Background Research for the NSW Strategic Skills Plan 2011-2015, Board of Vocational and Education and Training (BVET), NSW Department of Education and Training.[download]

Watson, I. (2011) Findings of a survey of Queensland Forgotten Australians, Report for RPR Consulting as part of project for Queensland Department of Communities, March 2011.[download]

Watson, I. (2011) Is demography moving against the Coalition? Age and the conservative vote in Australia, 1987 to 2010, Report for Australian Policy Online, January 2011.[download]


Watson, I. (2010) "Decomposing the Gender Pay Gap in the Australian Managerial Labour Market", Australian Journal of Labour Economics, Vol. 13, No. 1, pp. 49-79.[download]

Goot, M. and Watson. I. (2010) "Nativism as Citizenship: Immigration, Economic Hardship and the Politics of the Right" in From Migrant to Citizen: Testing Language, Testing Culture, ed. Christina Slade and Martina Mollering, Palgrave Macmillan.

Watson, I. (2010) "Mobility among the Low Paid Workforce, Australia, 2001 to 2008", A Report for the ACTU (Federal Minimum Wage Case 2010), 26 February 2010.[download]


Watson, I. (2009) "The gender wage gap within the managerial workforce: an investigation using Australian panel data' Paper presented to 2009 HILDA Survey Research Conference, The University of Melbourne, 17 July 2009 [download]

RPR Consulting (2009) "Review of the Children's Services Regulation 2004: Internet Survey Findings", Report for NSW Department of Community Services, February 2009.[download]


Watson, I. (2008) "Low Paid Jobs and Unemployment: Churning in the Australian Labour Market, 2001 to 2006", Australian Journal of Labour Economics Volume 11 Number 1 2008 pp 71 - 96 [download]

Watson, I. (2008) "The low paid workforce and labour market transitions: Assessing the impact of unemployment on earnings at the bottom of the labour market", Paper for Minimum Wage Research Forum, Fair Pay Commission, Melbourne October 2008.[download]

Watson, I. (2008) Skills in use: labour market and workplace trends in skills use in Australia, Paper presented to Jobs Australia National Conference, Brisbane, 8 September 2008.[download]

Watson, I. (2008) Skills in use: labour market and workplace trends in skills use in Australia, Report for NSW Department of Education and Training (Skills Ecosystem Project, August 2008.[download]

Watson, I. (2008) Vendor Training in NSW, A Report for BVET, July 2008.[download]

Watson, I. (2008) Is demography moving against the Coalition? Age and the conservative vote in Australia, 1987 to 2007, Report for Australian Policy Online, March 2008.[download]

Watson, I. (2008) Blue-collar support for the Coalition 1987 to 2007, Report for Australian Policy Online, February 2008.[download]


Watson, I. (2007) Low paid workers in Australia: insights from HILDA, Report for IR Victoria, March 2007. [download]

Goot, M. and Watson, I. (2007) ‘Are "Aspirationals" Different?’ in S. Wilson, G. Meagher, R. Gibson, D. Denemark and M. Western, eds, Australian Social Attitudes: The Second Report, UNSW Press, Sydney.

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Watson, I. (2005), QWIRS: Queensland Workplace Industrial Relations Survey, A Report for the Queensland Department of Industrial Relations

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Watson, I. (2005) Commonwealth Bank: Recruitment of Labour Project, Report for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.


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Watson, I. (1985) Environmental Education and Community Action, Canberra and South East Region Environment Centre Download Part A (Educational Philosophy);   Download Part B (Educational Activities);  Download Part C (Apprendices)